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Shotokan Katas

There are 27 Katas we practice.  Each routine in a kata has one or more applications for self defence.  It takes years of practice to learn these katas and requires good teaching from your association instructors to learn how to perform them well.  You will also discover that there are variations to the kata movements depending on the association you study with.  There are two links for each kata. 

  •  PDF diagram and

  • a Video. 

PDF Diagrams

The diagrams for download are useful aid memoires.  These diagrams show only the end positions of each move.  How to move from one position to the next and how to apply the moves for self defence are what you learn in class.

Kata Videos

The Video version is available to view by SSKA members.

To penetrate a fortress - - small

To look at the sky.  Dai - - big/large

To look at the sky. Sho - - small

Named after the Jion-ji temple

Ten Hands

Temple Grounds or Named after the Saint

Incredible Hands

Flying Swallow

Half Moon

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